Affordable Tuition Rates

NHCC's tuition and fee rates:

  • $190.28 per credit for on-campus or hybrid courses
  • $195.01 per credit for online courses
  • $215.72 per credit for Nursing courses
  • $200.52 per credit for MLT courses

鑫众棋牌The cost to attend NHCC full-time is approximately $5,708 per year (based on 30 credits) - one of the lowest in the state. Tuition is based on the number of credits students take per semester, which makes us very affordable for both full-time and part-time students.

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 *Source: 2019-20 tuition and fees information from 2019-20  publication and

Financial Aid & Scholarships

Financial aid and scholarships鑫众棋牌 are available to help qualifying students afford college. Our NHCC Foundation has awarded more than $2 million in student scholarships - about $150,000 each year. NHCC staff are available to help students with the financial aid process, contact us with questions!

People often think college is more expensive that it really is. Use our Net Price Calculator鑫众棋牌 to estimate what it may cost to attend NHCC.

For more information about financial aid visit our financial aid website or .

If you have been arrested, charged, or convicted of any criminal offense, you should investigate the impact that the arrest, charge, or conviction may have on your chances of employment in the field you intend to study; or on your chances to obtain federal, state, and other higher education financial aid.